HR in Real Life!

For non HR people looking in, it may appear that all we do is paperwork, make processes and procedures, and hire and fire people.


Honestly, I have had an HR person or two who lives up to this stereotype….HOWEVER, let me tell you first hand, as an HR professional for over 5 years, who has a very large network of HR people…….. Our day to day problems could run the BEST Soap Operas!


Inter office conflict, training supervisors, interviewing strange characters, and doing our best day to day to prevent lawsuits…… our day to day experiences could make you stop in your tracks and say “NO WAY!!!!” And all I could respond with was……. “WAY.”

Soooo…..then the question is how do HR people make blogs, and tweets, and Social Media fun and exciting to read while also getting the point across on some pretty serious business?!?!?

HR: Getting and Keeping it Real!

1. Be Honest

When blogging it is important to put real life experiences into what you are sharing. It humanizes your story and gives the readers something great to remember. Obviously you want to remove names, and you would NEVER want to share anything protected under laws such as HIPPA, but most things that happen to us can be shared with other professionals.

2. Get to the point

Don’t ramble on and on about legal things, and lawsuits, regulations, and the Governments and what they are doing or not doing. Pick a topic an issue and discuss why it matters to your target audience. They rarely care about how something became the way it did. They always want to know how it will affect them and what they need to do to minimize the possible risk. If you think your reader may want to know more, than I would put links into the blog to read more.

3. Don’t be afraid to take a side

Many HR people are terrified to take sides, and make a stand on something, because heaven forbid….someone disagrees! It is okay to have an opinion, and to speak about it, as long as you do so respectfully and are open to differing opinions. Never shut someone down for not agreeing with you, but make a stand and create conversation. If you don’t stand for something it can be hard to create connection, because you may seem inhuman.

4. Don’t try to please everyone

So often HR people want to come up with a solution that is best for everyone. Don’t get me wrong this is a really nice goal…..but I have NEVER heard of someone who has EVER been able to achieve this! When you blog you will likely be discussing policies, legal issues, and new regulations which companies need to be aware of and will need to adjust to. People will be angry, people will be happy, people will be annoyed, people will be inconvenienced…… get over it! It happens. Share the important information, share where more information can be found, after that it’s to each their own.


Blogging and Social Media are all about creating connections and conversation. In order to do that you have to want to drive conversation, and at times create change. By following some of the above tips you will likely draw a solid following of people who read your posts, tweets, and blogs for the content AND for your own personal twist of story telling!


Risky Business!

What are the risks of taking your brand social?

So your company wants to take it’s brand social! This is an exciting time. Everyone can’t wait to like, follow, retweet, and share what your company has to say and offer!

People love where they work and they cannot wait to share their excitement with others…..SOCIALLY!!!!

So how could ANY of this be a bad thing you may ask?

Because social media is a whole new world…which no matter how much you try to convince yourself….you have almost NO CONTROL OVER!

As managers we all like to think our employees love to come to work. They think we have the best company and the best managers. Everyone believes they are being paid enough and their benefits can’t be beat…..but in reality people don’t feel like that.

Prior to your company joining social media, your employees may complain on their own personal pages, but in the end, there is no DIRECT link to you and your company as a whole. So once you join the forever sharing, changing, and evolving SM world you want to help reduce the risk of your company and its employees of getting into HOT WATER!

Rules of Engagement

  • Create a SM Policy for your organization, but do so carefully. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRD) has strict guidelines on what you allow your employees to say. For example you cannot prevent your employees from speaking on SM about working conditions (pay, environment, management, benefits, etc.). You can however, prevent them from sharing trade secrets and sharing client or patient’s private information.

NLRB Social Media Guidelines


  • Train your staff on what is and what is no professional and appropriate when posting on the business page and monitor what is placed directly to the page.

Employees at times can help address issues with customers and clients if they are properly trained on how to handle customer complaints and issues.

Customer Service and Social Media


  • Create notifications for your businesses name. You want to be alerted immedietly if there is new business, a review, a post or someone who has mentioned you on the internet. You want to be able to look into the post and make sure the information shared is not going to damage your companies brand. If you are alerted to the issue immedietly you are able to tackle it head on before it becomes a bigger issue.

Google Alerts


HR can help reduce some of the risk a company might face when taking the brand public by training employees, monitoring their employment satisfaction, and ensuring that all company policies and procedures are being followed.

No matter what you do though, there will always be the risk of the unknown and the uncontrollable. Since social media is a form of the first amendment, people can post whatever they want, with little to no consequences. In a personal setting this is not such a problem, but in a business setting, this can harm your companies brand.

At the end of the day my suggestion is know what you can and cannot tell your employees to do, and say, and help them understand how social media can help build your companies brand.

I have seen social media work negatively for employees who have used it recklessly and with little to no concern about it’s employers. I have also seen employees engage with consumers and help build a brand that they are proud to be associated with. It is all about training and communication, if you do both well… will be successful in reducing risk!

What have been some of your social media work experiences?

In HR? There is an app for that!

In Human Resources most of us think of apps and likely our minds go right to recruiting. It makes sense; some of you may be familiar with job boards such as Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed, and SimplyHired. These recruiting sites allow both employees and employers to search for open positions and available potential candidates.

However, there are NEW and IMPROVED applications such as, JobSpeek, and Jobvite which are mobile solutions that allow recruiters to screen, review, and manage candidates all with their mobile device.

Mobile HR….A trend for 2015!

The technology world is providing HR professionals much more in the app store than just recruiting solutions.

We are now able to run payroll, manage time and attendance, and evaluate employee performance from the road.

Kronos Workforce Mobile driving us into the future!

Kronos Incorporated made an announcement in October about their New Standard Workforce Management Solution for small and mid-sized organizations.

New capabilities and features include:

  • Expanded HR Capabilities
  • Enterprise Class Recruitment
  • Customized, automated on-boarding
  • Complete compensation management
  • Benefits management
  • Affordable Care Act (ADA) compliance management
  • Leave of absence management
  • Time Clock features
  • Streamlines mobile app interface for iOS, Android, AND Windows!

Not to mention Kronos is CLOUD BASED!

Cartoon courtesy of  VoiceHub.BlogSpot (
Cartoon courtesy of VoiceHub.BlogSpot

I put it in the “cloud”

All research shows organizations moving towards cloud based computing!

Why? Flexibility, Disaster Recover, Automatic Software Updates, Increased collaboration, security, competitiveness…not to mention Environmentally friendly!

Why Move to the Cloud? 10 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Kronos Workforce Ready Solution has already gained the support and the trust of big businesses such as General Electric (GE)!

“We selected Kronos because of its proven record of helping multinational organizations successfully optimize workforce management processes. This cloud solution will provide user experience enhancements and an evolving framework to support GE’s drive toward standardized and simplified workforce management processes.” – Cal Ambrosy, manager of U.S. Human Resource Operations and Global Initiatives, GE

Learn more about Kronos and why they are leading HR into the mobile future through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

HR and Social Media…Our Love/Hate Relationship!

We have all heard stories of HR and Social Media, most of them are horror stories! I personally have had experience with having to terminate an employee due to a social media blunder…… Now there are all types of laws which protect employees from social media backlash.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has issued guidance for how employers are allowed to handle employees, as well as candidates and their PERSONAL social media!

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

The NLRB and Social Media

However, not all social media is bad when it comes to HR and what it can do to help organizations further their strategic goals! When used properly and monitored by someone who is aware of the risks, social media and HR can have more of a loving relationship than a hateful one!

For example, HR uses social media for recruiting new talent into the organization. We use sources like LinkedIn to find potential candidates. We also use twitter and Facebook to send out information about open positions within our organization! A strong brand can open up your organization to potential candidates who may not have been looking to move from one organization to another.

UPS…..Keeping things moving

A great example of this was UPS’s recent commercial. In this commercial a young boy, Carson, who wants to grow up to be a UPS driver…and be able to partake in “package day,” as he calls it! The video shows his UPS delivery driver, Ernie, coming to his house a few times to deliver packages, and how excited Carson gets to see him, and then it shows Carson being able to deliver packages in his own UPS truck!

We watch this video and think, “Awww, how cute” but how many of us would think, when asking a child the infamous question “what do you want to be when you grow up” to be….. It would be to be “a UPS Delivery Driver?”

This is an excellent example of how a Marketing team and an HR team can come together, and utilize each other for strategic purposes. You have just created a whole new group of people who will one day WANT to work for your organization!

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has also released a briefing on how HR can use Social Media more strategically, showing us the pros and the cons.

SHRM – Social Media Briefing

The below image from NH.BLR.Com is a very accurate depiction of how HR currently is utilizing Social Media!

(Source: BLR. HR image: City of Olathe, KS via Flickr.)
(Source: BLR. HR image: City of Olathe, KS via Flickr.)

Ace your Interview!

You are looking for your dream job and the call has finally come!

You resume has made it past the screening process and you have an interview scheduled. So now, how do you stand apart from the rest of the candidates?

I have interviewed hundreds of people and have come up with the following five tips and tricks which can help set you above the rest!

First tip – never arrive to an interview TOO early! How early is too early you may ask? Never arrive more than 10 minutes early. If you leave your house with plenty of time to get there (because you NEVER want to be late) you may arrive 15-20 minutes early. DO NOT GO INSIDE! Wait until you are about 10 minutes from your interview time and then go check in. Often times we hear about arriving late and how that is a big NO NO! However, many people never think twice about showing up 15-20 minutes before their scheduled interview. Take it from me…. DO NOT DO IT! Sit in your car, drive around, grab a coffee, relax, review some of your questions…..

Second tip – Dress professionally, no matter what type of position you are trying to get. For women, this can be dress slacks, a skirt, and a blouse, or a blazer. Do not wear goddy jewelry, or too much perfume. For men, dress slacks, and a shirt and tie is always a good look.

Third tip – Work on your handshake! A handshake is part of your first impression and it is important that it says the right thing about you. 

Fourth tip – Do not over share about yourself. Weather you like to believe it or not, EVERYTHING you say is a small insight into the type of employee you may be. Do not share about any personal issues, family struggles, or prior issues you had with your manager at your last job. If you speak poorly about your last job or boss it could show that you are difficult to work with or that you may not be easy to manager. If you share too much about your personal life or family it may show that you may call out often because you have a lot going on in your personal life. Keep the information to what you have to offer the company, and the experience you bring.

Fifth tip – social media…….turn it off! We may not like to believe it, but HR people look into you, see what you are posting on social media, this includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Social Media is your internet presence, and once you start working for a company, you are a reflection of them. The good news is that not all social media hurts you! LinkedIn is your friend when trying to land your dream job! Once you are done with the interview link in with the person you met. This also will set you apart from others, and if your LinkedIn is strong, with recommendations, groups you follow, and your on line resume is strong and clean it may just boost you into the final two, and land you the job you’ve been dreaming of! Sign up for a LinkedIn account today! Grow your Network and see how many opportunities your connections may open for you!

Check out how social media can make or break your chances:

LinkedIn Sign Up Today

Follow these five tips and you will be well on your way to making a GREAT first impression and showing your interviewer you are serious about the position!

For more tips on how to interview better check this out: