In HR? There is an app for that!

In Human Resources most of us think of apps and likely our minds go right to recruiting. It makes sense; some of you may be familiar with job boards such as Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed, and SimplyHired. These recruiting sites allow both employees and employers to search for open positions and available potential candidates.

However, there are NEW and IMPROVED applications such as, JobSpeek, and Jobvite which are mobile solutions that allow recruiters to screen, review, and manage candidates all with their mobile device.

Mobile HR….A trend for 2015!

The technology world is providing HR professionals much more in the app store than just recruiting solutions.

We are now able to run payroll, manage time and attendance, and evaluate employee performance from the road.

Kronos Workforce Mobile driving us into the future!

Kronos Incorporated made an announcement in October about their New Standard Workforce Management Solution for small and mid-sized organizations.

New capabilities and features include:

  • Expanded HR Capabilities
  • Enterprise Class Recruitment
  • Customized, automated on-boarding
  • Complete compensation management
  • Benefits management
  • Affordable Care Act (ADA) compliance management
  • Leave of absence management
  • Time Clock features
  • Streamlines mobile app interface for iOS, Android, AND Windows!

Not to mention Kronos is CLOUD BASED!

Cartoon courtesy of  VoiceHub.BlogSpot (
Cartoon courtesy of VoiceHub.BlogSpot

I put it in the “cloud”

All research shows organizations moving towards cloud based computing!

Why? Flexibility, Disaster Recover, Automatic Software Updates, Increased collaboration, security, competitiveness…not to mention Environmentally friendly!

Why Move to the Cloud? 10 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Kronos Workforce Ready Solution has already gained the support and the trust of big businesses such as General Electric (GE)!

“We selected Kronos because of its proven record of helping multinational organizations successfully optimize workforce management processes. This cloud solution will provide user experience enhancements and an evolving framework to support GE’s drive toward standardized and simplified workforce management processes.” – Cal Ambrosy, manager of U.S. Human Resource Operations and Global Initiatives, GE

Learn more about Kronos and why they are leading HR into the mobile future through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!


5 thoughts on “In HR? There is an app for that!

  1. Interesting post. I currently work for a company that uses a program called Dayforce for HR purposes (scheduling, time off, time sheets, etc). I think that having mobile apps for HR purposes will definitely be seen more as we develop more technology. It is incredibly convenient and has endless capabilities!


  2. Toni,
    Great post! During my time of technical recruiting and HR work, boy would I have loved the technology and apps of today. Your post made me realize how that industry has changed and exactly how much better and easier it is getting for those involved. Connecting and managing candidates, employees and employers has become so much easier than my Daytimer used to be! After 5 years as an iPhone user, I still get amazed at the apps that come out each day that make our lives easier and more fun and manageable. This one took the cake! Huzzah!


  3. Good post! I have worked earlier on People soft and Taleo but Kronos is new to me. The best feature I liked is that it is mobile. There are so many times I wished we could look for, screen and shortlist prospective employees while on the go and when in a time crunch! Flexibility and user friendliness is the biggest key here. Thanks for sharing info about this app. I’m surely going to look into it:)


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